Why Pinoy WISE?


Why did I Join the PinoyWISE movement?

  1. They’re friendly from the very beginning when I met them.
  2. Their extreme experiences as pioneers of the program Financial Literacy  as pinoy wise members.
  3. For financial literacy education as dire.
  4. For more learning experiences as well as training as a member of pinoy wise movement.
  5. The focus is clear and action speaks louder than words.
  6. The demands of OFWs for saving and investing as a means of a successful reintegration with family in the future.

Own Dissertation:

Oo” my quote”

“Never will I become today if I opted to meet them in the beginning of dire”.

“I keep looking and searching for somebody or someone somewhere would appear to my sight and explain the glory in saving and investing money not until the wind blows me to their presence then I realize that someone somewhere heard my prayer” He’s God.

“The quest’s to keep toiling one step at a time focussing on the target, though the roads are humpy dumpy, just keep on moving  and never retreat nor surrender”.

“Opportunity comes at your very saddest point of life, God responds to your earnest prayer,  grab it while you can, today not tomorrow.”

“Cloudy skies never live long, it disappears when the sun shines”.


@Progressing income- through financial planning and budgeting……2020 only (2021 is another story).

  1. SSS monthly contribution
  2. PagIBIG FUND and Mp2  saving and investment
  3. PMPC cooperative(my hometown)
  4. SeedIn Ph (Feb 2020)
  5. Emergency Fund via PNB passbook

(More than what I’ve ever thought, more things significantly coming soon).


– May I get this opportunity inaugurating my warmest gratitude to the first people I met who encouraged and directed me to join the Financial Literacy Seminar, I deemed fulfilled. I’ll forever cherish you even when age doesn’t sound good where God knows no bounds. First friends I met were: Former President and homebase pinoy wise advocate Ms Liza Monteroso Mayor – my enormous thanksgiving today and forever. Ms Lhan Balingit who gave her time to message me on the direction of the venue where they held the first seminar I attended – my whole hearted thanksgiving too, hope to see you soon. Ms Tee Sai, Ms Maria, Ms Michelle Londonio then I forgot the other 2 who I never met again. These were the fabulous few beautiful women I first met. A big big heart and hugs to all.

A part of my new beginning has a great impact on my financial changes and challenges as I went on learning completing the required levels of financial literacy with pinoy wise advocates and members that keep growing. Their dedication on empowering the pinoy wise programs is endearing, making yourself moved by the spirit within you to work with them. Unfortunately, neither am I  able to convince any of my friends. I hope one day, they’ll find this valuable knowledge on how to manage their income profitable to them too.

Furthermore,  I want to give the warmest Thanksgiving to my mentor and trainer on Financial Planning and budgeting Sir Terence Co Calijan- Financial Consultant, Financial Literacy Advocate and Ph Architect. Without you, I wasn’t able to figure out  my future plans one step at a time on saving and investing, nor have I not yet started anything and am still dreaming on a bed of roses. Surely your time is valuable on that day yet you chose to freely offer it just to deliver with me your knowledge and wisdom on financial planning and budgeting, I owe you a lot. If not for this pandemic we should have been meeting together with our pinoy wise group and keep on learning.


Before I end up, I want to thank all of the pinoy wise mentors and trainers whom I acquired my first financial literacy education… Well, I couldn’t mention you all but you’re written in my notebook. I’ll always see you whenever I take note of my daily consumptions or anything important I would like to write, you’re part of my financial literacy  journey. And I quote “The helms of today, a gem for tomorrow”. My path to financial freedom has formed and it will continuously develop to its maturity till age demand.

We are pinoy wise singapore.

My first financial literacy :

Level 1: at Bayanihan Center with my youngest sister. It’s the biggest beginning for me.

Topic: Achieving Your Migration Goal /  Pinoy wise family and Income Management Training

Level 1


Level 2 of Financial Literacy.

Topic: Counseling/ Investment and Family Counseling –

Managing Your Family Income ; SMART GOAL / Smart Budgeting

A short sharing on how I journeyed in my previous life before I met pinoy wise family. Level 2 batch 2019

Level 2 pa rin. This was the time Dr Maegan of UN interviewed us about the impact of migration to us, our family and the community.


Level 3: Marketing Level – BPI /  EKO LIFE



Saying Goodluck! Good health! New life! Home sweet home is the happiest moment of an OFW to a long time separation to families and acquaintances at their respective hometown. Goodbye to your workplace abroad and Hello to your New Life Back Home. This is one of the program of pinoy wise movement in educating the minds of every migrant workers who by craving to have a greener pasture has to leave their families in order to work abroad – they must learn how to save and invest for their successful reintegration like our former Pinoywise President Ms Liza Monteroso Mayor- she already have  prepared herself for this day of reintegration… going back home successful and still continuing her Advocacy on educating the minds of the young pinoys home based.

The despedida party…

To our appointed President Ms Yolly Bermas- who took the place of former president….I miss your  sweetness and jolly approach. Thank You very much. Thankyou for all of you at pinoywiseSg, my family too.

Sir Jovan, Ms Yolly Bermas our Pinoywise President and Ms Lhan active members.

My Final Words:

Reminiscing days going with pinoy wise groups, learning financial literacy and joining training filled up my empty jars with valuable innovative ways of dealing with my daily humdrum  routines and getting started with saving/investing my income. Planning and budgeting is one of the products of financial literacy I’ve learned. Thankyou for the opportunity.