The Process Is The Goal

The Process Is The Goal

Which do you think is more important, achieving the goals or the process of achieving the goals?

I feel both are important. But what really matters for me is the process.

You see, it’s absolutely satisfying to achieve your goals. It’s a happy experience and an exciting moment in life. You feel more confident, happy, and satisfied.

However, it’s the process that truly transformed yourself and your life.

It’s the learning, growing, struggling, failing, overcoming challenges that you go through that shapes you to become the best version of yourself.

Without all the learning, executing, and struggling process, the moment when you achieved your goal wouldn’t feel as excited and satisfied.

And the truth is, it’s not about getting to the goal, it’s about becoming the person you want yourself to become. Because that’s the paradox of goals – To get to the goal, you have to first become the person who’s already achieved the goal.

With that, it comes with failures too. But it’s crucial to know that failures are stepping stones to success and they shouldn’t make you feel discouraged or not confident.

One must need to experience failures to grow and succeed. Think about your past, what’s the most transformational moment that helped you grow the most?

With that said, do not start anything with the mindset that you will fail first, but knowing that it’s possible to encounter failures and it’s absolutely fine because everyone is the same.

Make sure you set your goals SMART – Simple, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time bound.

Then create an action plan that you can put your 100% focus and efforts executing.

This process of growth will transform your life far more than the goal itself.

So focus on the process, not the end goal because the truth is: The process IS the goal.

Choose the path, live with no regrets.