What Do You Perceived Be?

What Do You Perceived Be?

Do you wish you were more effective and successful in life?🙏 “Actions don’t have to be plenty, it is okay to start small.”💁

Maybe you’d like more appreciation at work. Maybe promotion. 🙆

..Maybe start your own business online and succeed in creating multiple income streams?🙋

Whatever you want yourself to be excellent at, you’ll want to know the secret sauce that helps you to make it reality, agree?🙌

Here it is: You need to work from inside out.💪💪💪

Meaning, Success would only happen when you change yourself first.🙏

Really this is not rocket science. But most people ignore it. That’s why only a few percent of people succeeded in their life. The key element to succeed boils down to having the right habits. 👤👤

Now take a minute to think…..🙏🙇

Do you wake up from the same side of bed?🎪

Do you brush your teeth the same direction?😩

Do you put your left leg first when putting on pants?😞

The more things you think about, the more you’ll find out it’s the same routine you’ve been doing every morning, yes?💁

Those are harmless and simple habits, but you know what, they’re the very thing that determine your future.🙋

Because the truth is, Your success in life is the sum of the habits you create.🙋🙌

Bad habits can ruin you. Good habits can save you. First you form habits. Then they form you. Therefore conquer your bad habits, or they’ll eventually conquer you. 🙋🙌

“Ok Estela, habits are important. But how do I know where to start?”🙋

Great question! 💁

Here’s a small mental exercise to mull over:💁

Imagine five years from now, sadly, you’ve passed away.

Take a moment to visualize…your loved ones, your parents, spouse, best friends all gathered together to express their love to you.

Each and every of them would say the sort of person you’re remembered as.

Now ask yourself, What do you want to be remembered? How does it make you feel when people remember you the way you wanted them to?

Well done. Now you’ve got a grasp of the person you want to become. For each character, think of one action you can take that can help you form the character.

Then do that everyday. Actions don’t have to be plenty, it is okay to start small.💁

Remember, success is never about how much you can do within a day, it’s how consistent you can keep the small habits going that matters.👼

With that said, let’s take the mental exercise and create consistent actions to reach our desired success!💁

What sort of people do you want to be remembered as? Lemme know your thoughts:🙇🙏

Choose the path, live with  no regrets.


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