Fortune Sides With Him Who Dares” – Virgil

Fortune Sides With Him Who Dares” – Virgil

There’s a fabulous reason why  Freedom !

Money is not what we want.It’s the financial freedom, time freedom, geographical freedom that we want. And we exchange money for freedom. Make sense?

It gives you the ability to…

Pay the bills, the mortgage without feeling a heavy burden on your shoulders.

Provide a comfortable and safe environment for yourself and people you love without the fear of losing everything when an economic crisis struck.

Travel to exotic countries for a whole month without worrying about losing your job and paycheck.

You not only become able to support yourself and your family, but also able to help those in need…being able to give and provide.

But how do you create overflowing wealth?

Here are five tips to give you ideas:

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Five tips to create overflowing wealth.

(1)Watch out for the people you choose to learn from.

In the past, people around us have provided lots of financial advice. The truth is many of them are not in the position to give us such advice.

Why? Because they weren’t doing what they’ve been preaching.

No disrespect. I said it with full respect as I appreciate their concerns. But the reality is we need to learn from those who actually succeeded in what they’ve been saying.


– If you worked in an accounting industry, you seek advice from a chartered accountant who’s been working in the industry for decades, not the professor in accounting department from school.

– If you want to open a coffee shop, you consult with the coffee shop owner about how to start with small capital, not the teachers in the marketing department from school.

Discernment is the crucial key. Decide for yourself who’s advice will actually help you.

(2)Learn to spend wisely.

Saving money won’t make us rich, it’s our spending habits that will.

Stop spending money on things to impress somebody you hate.

It feels good when you looked better than others. It’s human nature.

But the biggest problem behind it is that you unconsciously will become trapped in a job. Need the paychecks to pay for those materials which will only keep eating up most of your income. Having enough money to exchange for freedom dangerously becomes impossible.

What we want to do is to spend wisely, on those that can generate more money for us. Learn the knowledge and skill sets that can be profitable.

Anything having a potential positive rate of return. And let the value you build in yourself pay for itself again and again.

(3)Find out the overlap of your heart, your purpose, and income source.

Something that you can make money from, by doing something which you enjoy, and at the same time, give you purpose in life.

Finding only one component is not enough. When you find the overlap of the three important elements, you generate the income source that lasts.

(4)Make good use of your time. Procrastinate on purpose.

Once you set your goal, no matter if it’s that you want to get more time being with your family or else, whatever reason that is, start to make a certain amount of time for it.

Procrastinating becomes a good thing if you procrastinate right things.

Spend your time on taking real action to achieve your goal. Procrastinate those matters that do nothing but only waste your time.

Time invested now will pay dividends in future.

(5)Have a wealth pathway and get a “vehicle” that drives you towards your goal.

Extremely important. Without any vehicle, there’s no chance you can arrive at your destination.

You can start a business online such as affiliate marketing or e-commerce, or you can open a brick and mortar business such as a coffee shop.

If you want your own online business, enroll a course and learn how an online business model works. If you want your own coffee shop, be an employee of one first and learn how to start and manage it.

Whatever that is, start learning what you need to know and master how it works.

Choose the path, live with no regrets.


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