New Normal in Today’s Educational Instruction

Virtual , Educational and  Modular learning Materials are our new normals in terms of educational tools used to enhance new learning procedures  in the school curriculum of today, on behalf of the pandemic brought by covid 19.

Digital tools like computers, laptops, smartphones, ipads, netbook etcetera…WOW! The demands of today’s situation brought by this covid 19, stirs-up the government on How to manage especially on  non-internet connection areas in the Philippines to cope up with the new normal methods of learning. It really deems as it is and is dire to those in far flung areas. They may use modular procedures but who to take care of them at home while studying , if both parents are below grade levels before marriage ? What about OFWs who left their children to their grandparents? And lastly, What if the child stays with his/her aunt/uncle with no educational backgrounds or just simply a grade level graduate long ago?

It really matters most when children meet-up face to face hence the new normal betide worsen the possibility. Let’s rely on the parameters of the government. These methods will be addressed as soon as the government settles with the secretary of education to shoulder all possibilities in terms of helping those in far flung areas and to fix the service of the internet providers which is deemed necessary. 

 A solution to single parents away from home or working abroad is to connect via zoom apps, in order to reach out to their children for virtual tutorial methods in teaching them . Tutoring them to the best of their abilities and giving them assignments as to what’s written on the modules given by their teachers. Let’s not stop supporting our children’s education because of this dilemma brought by covid 19, hence, we partake with our children’s efforts and endurance in learning virtually and modularly at home, nurturing them to be more responsible, resourceful and self-reliant learners. 

Let’s pray for the covid 19 to leave the earth asap.


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