Mentorship Walk at Mac Ritchi

The walk has been a good and effective activation of self and mind. This strategy takes clever advantage on the revolution of minds, energy and everything. 

We started assembling at the Mushroom Cafe  hall of MacRitchie park, 5 of us were chosen to join the call for a mentorship walk by our coach Jovan Medrano. Hints and orientation takes place at the hall beside mushroom Cafe for at least 10 minutes before we get started. 

The scope of the orientation was fuelled by pure mentorship and  emotional intelligence. Citing the Law of attraction makes us mentee think more and more aggressively to know the meaning and application in our life. One of us was the reason why coach Jovan held these mentorship events which will last for at least 3 months every sunday morning walk. Everyone was so excited to start so there we go….

While walking, coach Jovan started and further illustrated somehow the importance of this event 

We halted for a while unknowingly, coach Jovan started with a difficult question where everyone  was awws…..still on the verge of enjoyment and relaxation. To answer his question he pointed one by one to give their answers. 

The question was ” what do you know about reality? In tagalog,  Ano ang alam niyo sa reality? Ano sa tingin niyo ang totoo?”. Speaking of  REALITY.

Wow! Begra coach, the question is so deep that we might fail to. 

No, the question actually is for us to realize that our realities are a part of our growing- up  and transformation in our everyday living. It is there and we can’t defy them. We can’t tear them apart but to deal with them depending on the frequency you want to turn on. Speaking of FREQUENCIES.

Coach said in an example that, do you see this grass?(Pointing at the grass on his feet). Yes we can.

It’s our sense of sight that we see things around us then we know they exist. If we touch the tip of the grass, then we feel the softness or roughness.  We hear sounds because we have ears to sense it.

Even the frequency of radios,  internet connections, we can’t see them or touch or hear but we feel they exist because of the mobile phones we’re using everytime and radios we can tune in to any stations even if the source comes from Manila or anywhere else around the globe. 

So then, we use our senses to measure reality. Most especially feeling the art of feeling and attracting things we want to in our life to happen. 

In actual life, said coach, What is that thing that you wanted to happen to you but you thought was impossible but then it happens? 

Saving my breath to answer that, ano nga ba? Mayroon nga ba?

Of course we have but I count them little things. I myself had a lot of unexpected things that happened anticipatingly and that’s the glory in living. Perhaps having a boyfriend is the impossible way to think of haha… unless you plan for marriage or fated to be loved again haha… yon eh.

No, again.  What is that important thing like a big house or a business or a piggery or agribusiness etc that even if you’re abroad it happens.. but you didn’t expect it to happen? Or a happy family, successful children from their education… you didn’t expect to happen but it did. 

Sooooooo sharing goes on while we proceed travelling the route to Bukit Lima.

Meanwhile on our way, I realize that we’re not only discussing the LAW OF ATTRACTION but also the deepest WHYs of our new friend Virgie which blocked her way out to expand her dreams and goal and pursue them. 

Hoping this walk can reduce her frequency on the matters that hinders her change and transformation.

Along the bridge we passed by, 3 important secrets for change were: Awareness, Acceptance, and Action. Coach Jovan elaborated further.

That AWARENESS; when you are aware of the things happening in you and you feel it isn’t working or it is working but it is actually not beneficial then you need change or turning your frequency down or up depending on the capacity demands. Or something happens in you that it’s not gonna make you happy. Because you’re aware ;

You need ACCEPTANCE. And acceptance includes your past and present situation that you need to change. Of course ACCEPTANCE is deeper when you have the act to do it and by heart you can do it in order to meet the demands for change and transformation.

Once more, if you beat awareness and acceptance you need ACTIONS. And remember that ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS. 

There’s no use even if you write and memorize them all if you do not take a step of action , it is vain. So better late than never. The glory of living is when you get started. 

Finally, we came back to MacRitchie Mushroom Cafe hall once more and continued our topic. Coach Jovan explains widely the LAW OF ATTRACTION. 

It goes with how you feel things are going to happen. Imagining that you’ll have a ferrari this week, believe it will happen – feel it will and just do your work thoroughly… you do not know it will just happen.

What is your feeling when you’ve won a million without doing anything, it’s just that it appears on your bank account that you’ve got one million without even knowing where it comes but it came….. Your  reaction is important. What if it’s real and really real as in real……. Di ba ! Mapapasigaw ka ng millionaryo ako! Haha halimbawa lng yan.

So how you perceive things can happen just remember this saying……”WHAT THE HUMAN MIND CAN BELIEVE THE HUMAN MIND CAN ACHIEVE”.


Now we were given 3 assignments and the first question was:

  1. List down all the things you want to have this week… like shopping lists that you want to have from the fair price, mall or other groceries.
  2. Write down what you personally want to have this week… unexpected things that you want to happen.
  3. And finally, you write your biggest wants that you want to happen this week….petmalu!   …..It involves the God of the Universe.

Ok. Lastly…..There are a lot of  sharings of ideas, experiences, and opinions. I opted to write them all but it’s worth learning. It really gives us a lesson … all the way to our lives  journey. 

Thankyou coach Jovan for accommodating me as one of your mentees, I’ve learned a lot today and of course ACTION is gonna be big to me now. Let the LAW OF ATTRACTION be at work. YES!


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