MAHLUNG and BUWAG Primary School Aguinaldo Ifugao

Face mask, Face shield and Coupon Bonds Donations


One of the most priority of the Ifugao Care Organization is to give help and assistance to those who really are in need, yes as in, in need. Those who couldn’t afford and those who are in a long time of medical treatment. With our little amount  shared to them, we give joy and hope. Yes hope-hope to live and venture more in life . We love, we care, we help. 


Prior to the day of travel, yes, I mean the night before; dilemma attacks or was it called the evil’s trapped? Yes, the ICO founder gotta spend her time communicating to people she knows who could lend their  wheels to use for travel. One said yes, tried to contact this and that and “o’ ow!” Life is parang buhay di ba! You have to barter sweet persuasive words and compromise your time before you get their sweet “o’o”. You have to feel ashamed or be shamed and even worse if their “o’o” becomes “no”… what a pity. 

The reason why a LEADER must triple her patience, perseverance, persistence and prayer.

One horrible thing  after all your endeavor… no one dares to notice and share with you… as if the world turns upside down. Was it worth the price?

Yes, God! It is God! And God who’ll look upon your  tears and aspirations. The key is “FAITH”.

The reason why we’re here as one organization is, we can rely on each other; helping one another and trusting. Put God first in  everything, and everything follows.

That night of hopeless communications, it seems no answer as if it won’t be able to  happen-no marks of possibility but, YES! BUT, unexpectedly! The waiting hour went positive… God, yes GOD answered our prayers.

Oh! Gonna tell you that the story ends when the confirmation of the wheel’s sweet “o’o”  at last comes to rest and that was the end of the story of the wheels.  

Our ICO President overseas didn’t really bother to rest that night… Evil really tested her so badly. What a cunny creature.

The car now and the driver connivance of the day brings forth the spirit of joy to all the Home based Officers and of course the overseas. This means that God works in mysterious ways. ICO was Blessed By God and we’re so BLESS. 


Along the winding road, up and down the hill and sharp curved road… if I were there, I might faint or vomit 😂 with that kind of road but you did travel…of course, God’s energy comes to you all and the spirit spilled your strength and enthusiasm to work in service with HIS people.

Somehow in your travel you enjoy and we can see that in your photos, we admire as well as nothing but to THANK YOU VERY MUCH. If I were there I would hug you one by one. HUGS TO ALL!


Abah! Everything was prepared before you reached the School . Their exhilaration makes everyone delighted, we can see that in their pictures. With warmth welcome, cooked food and tokens you’ve got from going there giving help is so great . Thank you for the show and events that happened today,  it was successful though.

Such a beautiful place and the people too, their kindness in accepting you all and the donations makes the world elation. 

We call these events a SUCCESSFUL one.




Feedbacks are overwhelming and the job well done. Homebase we’re proud of you.

Note: With all its glory , we can’t deny the fact that evil works always interrupts good. Someone to disturbed the peaceful journey. Be ready all the time. Protect each and everyone of you as a brother and a sister. We can not foretell the future, we abide by the rule. Lastly, Pray.


We’re grateful ever for this first project that is overwhelming, an unexpected success but it did so;  God works because HE sees in us the genuine act of giving, sharing and caring. It is in fact the greater works of humanity. We realize that even in our little ways of ambag-ambag will help these we called dire specially in the far flung areas. The glory in living is working with humanity.

I, therefore, urge you brothers and sisters who have the spirit of  giving to give generously without expecting something back because GOD knows before you give and BLESS you more in abundance; triple your blessings in return. 

We are Ifugao Care Organization who have pledged to use our Organization in caring and helping the needy people in Ifugao, with this, we accept donations from everyone who wants to donate through our Organization. Our facebook group link https://www.facebook.com/groups/410861718949305/?ref=share

will be attached here for you to scrutinize and look for the officers  who are listed there and you can collaborate with someone you know regarding your donation. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! GOD BLESS YOU MORE IN GIVING!


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