Third Mentorship Walk: Botanic Garden Bukit Timah

Third Mentorship Walk: Botanic Garden Bukit Timah

Third Mentorship Walk: Botanic Garden Bukit Timah

It started with ” the priceless Greetings” everyone is delighted seeing each other fully charged, energetic and happy. The enthusiasm is like a dazzling dove fell on us from heavens and perched on each shoulders. I truly felt the gravity of the universe’s awesome displays on everyone’s expressions.

I truly like today’s walk.

Going back to the topic, Coach Jovan Medrano asked each one’s chronicles of the week. How’s the 

past week? 

Everyone shared, and he heard our stories and elaborated each one’s discrete experiences and emotional distresses. He also gives us hints of what we would like to happen, what feelings we are gonna want to happen.

Foremost is the “FEELING!” The innermost FEELINGS. Feeling of the things which you wanna happen in your whole being in your family, friends and colleagues. 

Because what you feel, how it immerse from within will happen back to you….

If you are sad about your past, you’ll get sick. If you feel anxious, worried, in fear, distressed, and angry of your past- your present is affected. Your every moment will be negative. 

“Freedom from the past is freedom of the present”. If you want not to get sick, FEEL the innermost happiness you should be. FEEL the tranquility in your heart and soul and every positivity of the present.

Let’s say, you want to let go of your past…..

What is supposed to be the FEELING you want to FEEL that you want to happen in the present? What do you want to do?

What do you want at this present to be? 

Of course, you don’t want to be ill, sick, sad, worried, anxious, angry etc…….

That’s why the FEELING we had is connected here in our heart, and the moment we feel sad our atmosphere is also sad, our heart gets what we feel and the outcome towards yourself. Remember, we are being heard by the spirit of  nature with the use of our senses. 

With so much of our topic, I am enlightened with how I’ll makeover with my FEELING towards my children and for my children to feel the same as I am. No more one sided feelings.

Going further on our topic, Coach asked us if we recall about the video of ” THE POWER OF TODAY”.


Remember the mountain that illustrates how mountain climbers climbed to reach the peak or the top, and the glory of touching the top.

If you start from the base with energy you can push through the limit no matter how high and far it is. Along your way up to the mountain, you’ll surely meet a lot of strange things that hinders along the way and you may feel extremely  fear…. 

You may quit, or you may push through. Take note, FEELING. 

Remember the other story of FEAR. Remember the outcome after quitting or pursuing.

Pursuing upto the peak of the mountain is where you can be called the real MOUNTAIN CLIMBER, VICTORY over the enemy along the way.

But if you quit, you give up the momentum of your life. You may use a helicopter to reach the top but you may not be called the MOUNTAIN CLIMBER… no sense after all, right!

You may be proud that you’ve reached the peak of the mountain by shortcut, but you will never be called a MOUNTAIN CLIMBER. A VICTORIOUS MT CLIMBER.

Therefore, the answer is all YOURSELF. Your motivation and Positive mindset. Whether to climb patiently, bite the challenges, FEEL THE FEAR AND DO IT ANYWAY or you just surrender and absorb every negative thoughts  that hinders yourself from doing…. 

Again, it’s yourself.( + or -) you may add or deduct but it’s yours to decide your own path today.

Now, FEAR. 

Many successful people bite their FEAR and achieve their goals. 

Coach said, you are sound when you feel fear, but when you don’t feel fear that means you have little goals in life or yet just go with the blow…hehe

But if you feel FEAR and  do it anyway, you are perfectly right and likely to achieve your goals. 


Vehemently, tear down those obstacles that are  hindering your path and straightforward you go.



There’s so much more of the day walk….

As we perched on a pavement in front of a pond and the garden stage, we talked about visualization.

Yes, you heard it, VISUALIZATION.

How do you visualize the things that you wanted to reach and wanted to happen? 

…. Close your eyes, breath slowly 3x or when you feel comfortable; in that way your whole body becomes normal, your feeling will be  aligned with your mind and soul, and focus. The moment you enter into your object of visualization, you’ll realize that you are within your object and that it is happening right at you vision, you’re in. FOCUS once you’re aligned and everything becomes normal. 

Just like visualizing your house, your car, your business, your happy family etc. You need resiliency of everything to be whole before you come up with a successful visualization.

…..ang sarap sa pakiramdam today.

Awesome topics of the day, with love and care, and I was so much empowered after the walk.

Thank You sir Jovan Medrano, coach and mentor of this MENTORSHIP WALK. 

…… love, love, love is the greatest gift of all…..


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