Act it out, don’t figure it out.

Because here’s the truth: You won’t know if an idea works better than other ideas unless you take action to do something about it. One of the common thoughts people say to me when they’re on my consultation call is “I have so many ideas on my mind and I don’t know which one is the best to start.”

Me: Which one do you think, from your instinct, is better right now?

Them: I’m not sure. All of them seem to be good ideas to me.

Me: Great. Then pick any one to start!  

You see, it’s absolutely human nature to want to think, from different aspects.

It is good to think thoroughly, analyze the pros and cons. Which one benefits me more as opposed to other options, et cetera. 

Because we want to make sure we’re making the right decision that we truly want, right?

What we don’t want is ending up “analysis paralysis”.

We’ve been analyzing so much that we paralyze ourselves from taking any actions. 

You might have heard many internet “guru” say, “Don’t worry. You’ll figure it out.” …

Well, to me, that’s absolute nonsense. Here’s why,

You will never know if you really like and want something until you make it happen in your reality. It’s kinda like tasting different types of food and determining your preference.

You won’t know whether you love the flavor until you actually taste it yourself, no matter what others say.

For example, some people said durian is the most tasty fruit in the world. While some others said it’s the most disgusting fruit they’ve ever had. 

Both thoughts exist. Which side are you on?

…It’s an answer that you only will know after you put one in your mouth, yes?

It’s the same, in essence, when we make decisions in life. Actions lead you to your answers.

Want to look more fit? Get a mentor or coach, hit the right decision, search online, etc…

Want to get the exact of what I did? Comment here below… join our pinoywise Financial Literacy Course..

Want to switch your old lifestyle? Discuss with me and other friends, search online, get a mentor, etc…

There’s no right or wrong answer. There’s only YOURS or NOT-YOURS answer.

Key point being, start taking actions from now on. There’s only one life, once it’s gone, it’s gone, so live it your way, what do you say? 

Choose the path, Live with no regret 


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